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My Axis Reindeer girl, Keira.

As I mentioned in the last post, She is a Hybrid of Chital & Caribou. Spots and coat pattern like a Chital (Axis deer). The bigger, more feathered hooves, style of antler, and the ABILITY for a FEMALE to have antlers from a Caribou (Reindeer), which is the only deer species where the females have antlers too.

Pattern test for my Axis Reindeer girl, Keira. I want spots and coat pattern like a Chital (Axis deer), but shes female, and I wanted antlers. The only deer species that occurs in REGULARLY is Caribou (Reindeer). Plus I wanted the bigger, more feather hooves and style of antler of reindeer. So she is a Hybid of the two.

This was my entry for #Sketchbet (@PghSketchbet) yesterday since:

A. I realize I REALLY seem to enjoy drawing furries (more interesting features to draw than humans, at least for me)

B. Butts seem to be a common thing in Sketchbet ;)

C. Its nearly Valentine’s day and Codash (the jackrabbit) has kind of a heart shaped pattern on his butt.

D. I drew Leafy and Codash last year (non anthro fox and jackrabbit) for Valentine’s Day while stuck in jury duty selection, so it seemed fitting.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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